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The Community of Food

Posted on January 27, 2016 at 11:26 pm by Rob Holley

For millennia, people have broken bread together. Whether a lunch break at work, a holiday feast, a picnic in the woods, or the home dinner table, we gravitate towards eating with one another. Add to that the production of freshly harvested local food, farmers markets, restaurateurs, families, purveyors, brewers, chefs, journalists, coffee roasters, and a host of other food-lovers, both young and old, and you have the local food community!

Each day, as we care for our animals, work the soil, nurture seedlings, or pick fresh vegetables, we are mindful of the community of like-minded friends who understand and enjoy the central place of preparing, eating, sharing, and communing together at the table! The next time you gather to eat, join us in giving thanks for many who have labored to make that meal possible.

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