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Christmas Pork Sale!

Posted on December 6, 2015 at 11:19 pm by Rob Holley

Whether joining to give thanks for the Lord’s provision, celebrating the birth of the Christ-child, or ushering in a new year, regular feasting is a large part of our holiday season! Our Christmas pork box is full of premium boneless roasts, chops, and sausages for your table, or as a unique gift. Our quality local pork is gmo, corn and soy-free. Happy pigs are raised from farrow to finish. The box includes: three boneless shoulder roasts, three packages of pork chops (2 chops per package), and two 1lb packages of ground pork, breakfast (country) sausage, hot Italian, and Basque chorizo.

At $150, this is +/- 25% off retail pricing! Order through the Contact page and enjoy our local pork at your holiday table!

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