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Authentic. Local. Personal.

Posted on November 25, 2015 at 1:36 am by Rob Holley

Many ideas come to light when folks talk about local food.  We think of three words that help characterize the movement.  Three words that define who we are, what we do, and what our customers expect us to be Authentic,  Local,  Personal.

Authentic Holleys are farmers.  We’ve been working the soil for more generations that we can count.  We have dirt in our fingernails and manure in our boots, and we’re tired at the end of the day.  The farm products that we sell are the products of our own labor.  When you look through our web site and our Instagram photos, you’re looking at who we really are – our animals, our fields, our dirt, our vegetables our life.  Whether at the market, our CSA basket, a fine restaurant, or the co-op, if it has our name on it, our customers can know that we raised it ourselves.

Local  The Holleys have lived in the Carson/Tahoe area for over 60 years.  Four generations have worked the soil in Dayton Valley.  Our animals are born and raised here, our vegetables are grown here, and nothing travels more than 50 miles to market!  We support neighboring businesses, and are thankful to be involved in local agriculture, local education, local commerce, and especially genuine local food.

Personal  When our customers buy our products, they’re buying them directly from our family.  If it has our name on it, then we grew it or raised it.  Customers value, and even expect to buy directly from the farmer.  Our desire is to maintain the ability to deal directly with our customers both to ensure the highest quality products and maintain important personal relationships.  From the first seeds planted to the vegetables at the market;  from the birth of a piglet to the package of pork chops, all of our products are raised and sold by the Holley family to our valued customers and friends.

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